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There are many ST1100 parts diagrams or fiches on the net. Some of them are incorrect, others are downright misleading.

I have compared many different sources of these - including Honda's official parts catalogue and online service data, and checked each individual part - this took ages! That said, if you do find an incorrect part number (due to this having changed since I checked) please let me know and I'll correct it.

Supposedly with a Honda part number, the middle group of three letters/numbers indicate the model of the motorcycle for which the part was originally intended. Ah yes, but - as with all these things - this is not necessarily the case!

For example, the code "MT3" indicates an ST1100 for the years 1990 - 1991. "MY3" indicates the years 1992 - 1993. "MAJ" indicates 1994 - 2002, and "MZ9" indicates a police spec model.

However, there are exceptions; as an example, some parts exist with the designation "MT3" but only fit models from 1994 onwards!

A lot of parts are common between models. Not just between different years of the ST1100, but between different models too. Think about it for a bit. It costs money to set up the tooling shop to manufacture a part for one specific model, so it would be more cost-effective if that particular part fits several other models as well. A case in point is the drive coupling for the Goldwing GL1500 and Pan European ST1100 - they're the same part.

Now, before you start, there are a couple of things you need to take into account.

It's always advisable to provide the frame number and/or engine number of your ST1100 when ordering parts. This enables the dealer to make sure a specific part will suit your model. (Some parts have different part numbers even within that model year).

Then, for some parts, you'll need to know the colour code. (You may find that some parts in a specific colour are no longer available. In that case you have no choice but to purchase a different colour part and paint it yourself). Here's a list of Honda colour codes pertaining to the ST1100 motorcycle:

ST1100 Colour Codes

ST1100 Parts

Please note: In order to experience the full functionality of the parts fiche pages, javascript needs to be enabled in your browser. (It's usually enabled by default). If it isn't, don't worry, you'll still be able to see which part you need!

I've tested the image pan and zoom functionality with different browsers; all work fine with the exception of Internet Explorer 9 - you may need to enable "compatibility view".

Also, you will probably see country codes on most of the parts fiche pages. For a specific diagram reference number, you may see two or more different part numbers. The country code in brackets in the "Comments" column indicates for which country that part is valid. If no country code is shown, then the part is suitable for all countries (for which that model was available). Unless the other part number has a country shown, in which case the one without the country code is suitable for all countries except the first one. Clear as mud? Here's an example:

No.DescriptionPart numberQuantityComments
7HEADLIGHT UNIT33120-MT3-6011(E)
7HEADLIGHT UNIT33120-MT3-6111-

This extract is from the headlight parts fiche for the 1998 ABS model. In the above table, part number 33117-MN5-003 is valid for all countries for that year.
Part number 33120-MT3-601 is valid for country E (United Kingdom).
Part number 33120-MT3-671 is valid for countries CM,U,US (Canada, Australia and USA).
Part number 33120-MT3-611 is valid for all countries not mentioned i.e. AR,ED,F,FI,G,IT,N,SP,SW.

If a number appears in brackets in the "Quantity" column, this means it is optional.

For a list of country codes see the Colour Codes page.

Right, on with the search! This can be done in two ways - if you already know which part you require, you can use the Site Search page. If not, simply choose the model and year of your ST1100 below; this will take you to the relevant parts diagrams for that motorcycle.

(Oh - and one last thing. You may find the model pages in the following links a bit slow to load - especially if you're on dial-up. I'm sorry about that - but there are rather a lot of small image files in each page!)


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