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ST1100 FAQ - 2014

2014's list of FAQ. I think most topics have now been covered, so I'll stop here...

From:  P.C., Australia

Q:        Thanks so much for your web site. This has been very helpful to me.

I am quite interested in the Car Tyre option for the ST1100.

Norm adds good info and I was wondering if it might be possible to contact him directly.

I just wonder if a Honda GL1800 GL 1800 '12-'14 Gold Wing Rear Wheel 42650-MCA-305 would be possible? I also wonder if there is a way to not cut off ¼" off the bracket so that one could easily go back to original.

Once again thanks so much for the site.

A:        Thanks for your message, and I'm glad you're finding the website useful.

I must admit, I've been itching to try this conversion for ages, but as my circumstances have now changed somewhat having to single-handedly renovate an ancient farmhouse, I no longer have as much time to ride as before. As a result, for the amount of mileage I do nowadays, I figure the conversion would no longer be worth it. If I was still commuting on a daily basis this is a farkle I would certainly try.

My current priority as far as the ST1100 goes is to make it easier to manoeuvre it into and out of the dirt-floored "garage". I am planning the construction of a sliding turntable; so that I can drive the bike in and onto the turntable, spin it around, and then slide it closer to the wall so that my wife can park her car in there as well. I can then drive it out again when needed. However, finding two 2.5 metre long steel I-beams (cheaply) is proving difficult!

As to whether the GL1800 rear wheel would fit, I have to admit I honestly have no idea. The obvious question is whether the GL1800 and GL1500 rear wheels have the same specifications or not (perhaps a Goldwing forum could help in this regard?)

If I were to do this conversion today, the first thing I would do (apart from obtaining a suitable rear wheel of course!) is find a second-hand caliper bracket on Ebay. You don't mention the year of your ST1100 but if it's post-1995 the part number is 43110-MAJ-G01.

A quick search on the UK site revealed more than 20 offers - for example Rear Caliper Mounting Bracket.

I would then modify the "new" second-hand bracket, retaining mine as an original.

But I'm sure you'd already thought of that!

Anyway, thanks once again for your kind words.

From:  L.S., Australia

Q:        Hi
Do you know if this clutch lever will fit a St1300?
Also are you in the USA or the UK?
Either way do your bikes have hardwired headlights that is the right switchblock has no headlight switch for off/park lights/headlights on?
The reason I am asking is that although this legislation was repealed here in 1997 we still receive bikes hardwired. And I am chasing a right side switchblock that has the headlight switch.

A:        Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I'm no expert on the ST1300 (my site is all about the ST1100) so I wouldn't be able to tell you if the clutch lever from a ST1100 would fit an ST1300. What you could do, is have a search on the STOC forums - it's free to join and if you don't find anything you could always ask in the ST1300 tech section.

USA or UK? Neither actually. I used to live in the UK when I started the site, but have now moved to France!

Regarding the hardwired headlights; the European models (and, I believe, the USA models) do not have hardwired headlights, but have the off/park/on switch on the right-hand switchblock. To the best of my knowledge, bikes imported directly from Japan itself are hard-wired (I used to have a Yamaha XJ600S which was a direct import, and it had hardwired headlights).

For an ST1300, you could have a look at (French site but it's in English too) which has a large stock of spares - there are parts fiches for every model, so you should be able to source the part number of the switch block on there. And once you have the part number that's half the battle won.

Hope that helps!

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From:  S.P., UK

Q:        Hi I have a lovely ST-1100, 1995, and the ABS front pump has gone wrong, the local Honda dealership says There not available anymore, do you know where I can get any parts or repairs from?

A:        Thanks for your message. Do you mean the ABS modulator?

The front one is item 8, part number 57600-MY3-782.
If you click on the European flag at the bottom of that page it will take you to a stockist based in the Netherlands who normally has stock even when dealers don't. Just type the part number into the part number search box. But ensure you're sitting down first though, it's horribly expensive.

The only other option I can suggest is the old faithful, Ebay. A bit cheaper (but obviously used: front ABS modulator
Hope that helps!

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From:  N.W., UK

Q:        Hi I would like an electronic version of the ST1100 owners manual.

A:        Thanks for your message.

If you send me £4.99 via Paypal I can then send you the pdf of the manual via email. (If you would prefer to pay by Google Checkout let me know and I can send you an invoice).

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From:  D.H., UK

Q:        Hi, Last year I fitted a pair of OS Pipes to my ST1100.
You sent me some photos of your bike fitted with same and indicated that they had, at that time, covered some 70,000 miles and remained nice and SHINY!!!!
Am I correct? Unfortunately, I suffered a glitch which deleted all my mails, so I can't recover your mail.

A:        Herewith a copy of my original email reply with the photo. I see that I didn't mention the actual mileage. When I updated the Exhaust page on the website I mentioned 65,000 miles, so the updated page was done a while after the swingarm repair.

Checking my records, the odometer reading when I fitted the exhausts was 12,815.
When the rear swingarm was repaired, 75,334.
So that's <whips out calculator> 62,519 miles.

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From:  M.P., UK

Q:        I read your item on rusted swinging arms with interest and it was a great help in getting my own rusted wretch off. I now need to get this welded, unfortunately I am no kind of welder. Can you suggest anyone in the UK that can do this job? I am asking around but no luck so far.

A:        Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately I have not lived in the UK for a while now, so I'm not sure I can be much help. However, there is a company in SW17 which offers mobile welding services, but I have no idea of their prices:

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From:  S.R., Canada

Q:        Hi, I wonder if you can tell me where to find the original tool kit and manual for the ST1100 (2000 year)if it is still onboard

A:        Thanks for your message.

There are two types of tool kit depending on whether you have an ABS or non-ABS ST1100.

Non-ABS version: The part number required is 89010-MY3-000. As you're in Canada I think buying it from the US would be cheaper than from Europe, so just click the US flag at the bottom of the page.

ABS version: The part number required is 89010-MAJ-G40.

As for the manual, these are rarer than hen's teeth. You may have some luck in finding one on Ebay. If you have no success with that, you may wish to consider an electronic version, for example:

I hope that helps!

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From:  M.W., UK

Q:        I have just bought my first st1100 (1991) Want to service it, feel someone stupid...a, where is the oil sump sight glass? B, my plug wrench won't get into the rear plug sockets with the maintenance cover removed, am I missing something as the original manual is not great.

A:        Thanks for your message.

The oil sight glass is on the lower right-hand side of the engine. There's a hole in the fairing (you'll need a torch!) underneath the right-hand tip-over protection bracket.

As far as accessing the spark plugs, I'm afraid I also found the "maintenance cover" to be incorrectly named. I think it's there just to allow one to see the shiny engine covers. How I check the spark plugs is by removing the seat, then the side panels and tank cover. The maintenance covers come off, and then I remove the fairing inner cover (the one which houses the "glove compartments" (for want of a better word). The belly pan is fairly easily removed (6 screws) and then the side covers can come off. The advantage of removing all this plastic is that you then have better access, and can also check hoses etc. The plug sockets are fairly deep, so you'll need an extension for your plug wrench (and with all the bodywork in place this makes it very awkward).

Once you've done the tupperware removal the first time, it gets easier!

Hope that helps.

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From:  S.J., UK

Q:        My st1100 paneuropean misfires below 3000 rpm can you help

A:        Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I'm not a mechanic; the misfiring could be anything from a faulty coil (or coils) to dodgy spark-plugs, dirt in the fuel, dirty air cleaner...

If I were you I would try finding a reputable bike shop (not necessarily a Honda dealer!!) near where you live, and let them run some diagnostics on it. A quick search reveals one near you, although I don't know how good they are:

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From:  A., Sweden

Q:        Hi. I have a 1100 1999 pan european with only 10000 km on meter. I bought it 4 weeks ago. Only one problem. 0.8 litres per 10 km is way to much. Any suggestions how to trim the fuel consumption?

A:        Thanks for your message.

I'll say in advance that I'm not a mechanic - and diagnosing a problem without seeing the bike is difficult in any case! But you are correct, that fuel consumption is a bit high; mine uses on average about 0.57 litres per 10 km.

Because the bike has only done 10 000km since 1999, it is quite possible that some of the fuel hoses have split. Especially if you have ethanol in your fuel in Sweden?

Does it produce a lot of smoke when it's running? Or can you smell unburnt fuel?

It could also be one (or more) of several things.
There could be a fuel leak somewhere.
The choke could be stuck (have a look at the spark plugs, this will tell you if the bike is running too rich; they will be sooty black)
The air filter could be clogged
The carburettors could need balancing. (After looking at the spark plugs, I would do this as a next step; details are shown on this page: )
Does the engine oil level appear to increase? (Fuel could be flowing past the piston rings into the sump)
Other than attempting to dismantle the fuel system yourself, I'm afraid the only other option would be to take the bike to a repair shop (not necessarily a Honda dealer) so they could run some diagnostic tests.

I hope you manage to get it fixed!

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From:  D.W., USA

Q:        Im looking for the complete front mirrors assembly for a 91 honda st 1100

A:        Thanks for your message.

If you have a look on this page: you will see a parts diagram detailing the part numbers you require. Make a note of the long numbers (like 88121-MT3-003ZA) and then click on the US flag at the bottom of the page. Enter the part number in the search box which comes up, and you will be given the price and availability.

You may find that parts for your bike colour are no longer available; if that is the case you may have to purchase a different colour and then paint it to match, or you may be lucky to find something on Ebay (although "sacrificial" things like mirror covers are unlikely!) For example I've noticed the silver mirror housing for your model is no longer available, although the black housing is.

If you are unable to find stock in the US you may need to try David Silver spares in the UK, although postage would become an issue for larger pieces.

Hope that helps.

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From:  A.K., UK

Q:        Hi, Love the site as you've collected a lot of useful info on it.

But now to the question, Do you still have the original Honda topbox mounting plate that your bike came with, if so would you like to sell it?

Q:        Yes. <<sold>>...

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From:  S.C., UK

Q:        Hi can you tell me which way the metal clutch plates should be fitted.

I have mine with smooth edges facing the engine? is this correct.

A:        Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I'm not a mechanic, and to date have not had to strip the engine down to change clutch plates (and touch wood I won't have to). So I'm afraid I don't know. Looking at the parts diagrams it's not easy to see whether the clutch plates are smooth on both sides or not; but if not, the smooth side seems to be orientated towards the front of the bike.

I suggest asking on forums; they're a helpful bunch on there although most members are in the US so you may not get a rapid response.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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From:  D.M., UK

Q:        I need a tall 24 inch screen for my honda pan european st1100a in light grey or clear can you supply one of these

A:        Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I'm not a retailer, so don't sell screens. Have a look at - that's where I got mine. They can be contacted at sales(at), or you could call them on 0155 666 313.

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From:  K.D., USA

Q:        Thanks for this website. I am considering purchasing a 1991 ST 1100 with 54,000 miles on it.

I was wondering what kind of issues I might expect with a bike with so many miles on it.

Any advice you could give would be helpful.

A:        Thanks for your message.

54,000 miles is nothing for these models; it's barely run in! If you do buy it, the only advice I would give is to give it a good service first.

However, be aware that the alternator is not very powerful (only 28A), so if you wish to run lots of accessories this will need to be upgraded (not an easy task). A more powerful alternator was introduced in 1996.

You may wish to have a look at this guide first though:

It's a free download.

Hope that helps.

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And finally:
From:  C.M., UK

Q:        hi, i am trying to find some help. can you link me to your bit about the stiff fuel filler cap? I'm really struggling and actually injured myself last night!

or can you just go through your advice again?

A:        Thanks for your message.

The information you're after is here:

So that's it for the FAQ section. I hope you've found some of the information useful. In general, messages I've received have been polite and complimentary about this site. One or two persons seem to have been annoyed that I was not somehow able to remotely diagnose (and even fix, free of charge) their particular issues; despite my stating that I was not a Honda-trained-Japanese-motorcycle-expert. I have therefore updated the wording on my "Contact Me" page.

I don't have much time for riding nowadays; the latest project (single-handedly renovating a French farmhouse, living off-grid as much as is governmentally allowed, and being self-sufficient) is taking up most of my time. In fact I am considering selling my ST1100; it's designed to be ridden, not sit gathering dust. (And in addition, it's rather expensive to insure here in France). But it's been fun.

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