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Fuel Cap Maintenance

Fuel Cap Maintenance? What on earth is there to maintain? Well, this was one of those jobs that I always meant to get around to doing but didn't. Until now.

Right from when I got the bike, I found that undoing the fuel cap required muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well here's a tip to make things a lot easier.

Remove the fuel cap. (Don't worry, it's the last time you'll need your bodybuilder's certificate).
Make a pen or pencil mark on the rubber seal under the fuel cap - this is so that when you reinstall it you put it on the same way up.
Using a narrow-bladed screwdriver, carefully remove the rubber seal.
Now take a pea-sized blob of grease, and smear it on the underside of the rubber seal (the side WITHOUT the mark).
Carefully reinstall the rubber seal so you can see your pen mark.

Replace the fuel cap.

Job done.

You will find it much easier to remove the fuel cap now! (And if it ever starts to get tight again, now you know what to do!)

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