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ST1100 Parts Fiche - Fairing - ST1100R

Applicable to ST1100R model.

Parts fiche Fairing ST1100

No.DescriptionPart numberColourQuantityComments
1GUARD, R. FR. AIR19070-MT3-000 -1-
2GUARD, L. FR. AIR19170-MT3-000 -1-
3FAIRING, R.64200-MAJ-670ZA NH-1Z1(Black Z)
3FAIRING, R.64200-MAJ-610ZE R-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
3FAIRING, R.64200-MAJ-610ZA PB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
4FAIRING, L.64201-MAJ-670ZA NH-1Z1(Black Z)
4FAIRING, L.64201-MAJ-610ZE R-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
4FAIRING, L.64201-MAJ-610ZA PB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
5CVR, HEADLIGHT64215-MY3-000ZB NH-11(Black)
6FAIRING, R.64220-MT3-000ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
6FAIRING, R.64220-MT3-000ZB NH-304R1(Fur Grey)
7FAIRING, L.64221-MT3-000ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
7FAIRING, L.64221-MT3-000ZB NH-304R1(Fur Grey)
9POCKET, R.64225-MAJ-G00ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
10POCKET, L.64226-MAJ-G00ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
11LOCK, POCKET LID64228-MT3-003 -1-
12FAIRING, R.64230-MAJ-G50ZF NH-1Z1(Black Z)
12FAIRING, R.64230-MT3-000ZKR-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
12FAIRING, R.64230-MT3-000ZHPB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
13FAIRING, L.64231-MAJ-G50ZF NH-1Z1(Black Z)
13FAIRING, L.64231-MT3-000ZKR-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
13FAIRING, L.64231-MT3-000ZHPB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
14STAY, MIDDLE FAIRING64233-MT3-000 -1-
15FAIRING, MIDDLE64235-MT3-000ZM NH-1Z1(Black Z)
15FAIRING, MIDDLE64235-MT3-000ZKR-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
15FAIRING, MIDDLE64235-MT3-000ZHPB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
16COVER, R.64245-MAJ-G50ZF NH-1Z1(Black Z)
16COVER, R.64245-MT3-000ZKR-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
16COVER, R.64245-MT3-000ZHPB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
17COVER, L.64246-MAJ-A40ZF NH-1Z1(Black Z)
17COVER, L.64246-MT3-670ZKR-114C-U 1(Candy Wineberry Red)
17COVER, L.64246-MT3-670ZHPB-257M1(Lapis Blue Metallic)
18PANEL, FR.64255-MT3-000ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
18PANEL, FR.64255-MT3-000ZB NH-304R1(Fur Grey)
19STAY, FAIRING (LOWER)64256-MT3-000 -2-
20COVER, R.64260-MT3-000ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
20COVER, R.64260-MT3-000ZB NH-304R1(Fur Grey)
21COVER, L.64261-MT3-000ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
21COVER, L.64261-MT3-000ZB NH-304R1(Fur Grey)
22LID, L.64271-MT3-010ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
23LID, R.64272-MAJ-G00ZA NH-2851(Gusto Grey)
24SEAL, POCKET LID64274-MT3-300 -1-
25DUCT, FRESH AIR IN.64280-MT3-000 -1-
26DUCT, FRESH AIR IN.64280-MT3-000 -1-
27CAP77121-MT3-000ZA NH-2852(Gusto Grey)
28SPRING75581-673-000 -1-
29SCREW (5X16)90001-MG1-000 -2-
30SCREW, TAP (4X12)93913-142-80 -2-
31SCREW, TRUSS (5X16)90103-MT3-000 -6-
32SCREW (6X19)90104-MN4-000 -2-
33SCREW, PAN (6X11)90106-KY2-701 -1-
34SCREW, TRUSS (5X16)90109-SB6-000 -24-
35SCREW, TRUSS (5X16)90111-MT3-000 -2-
36BOLT, FLANGE (6MM)90111-162-000 -4-
37BOLT, FLANGE (6X16)90113-MJ4-670 -1-
38SCREW, PAN (6X14)90113-MM5-000 -8-
39SCREW, VISOR SETTING90114-KW7-900 -8-
40NUT, PLATE (5MM)90305-MN5-000 -6-
41NUT, CLIP (6MM)90311-MT3-000 -2-
42NUT, CLIP (5MM)90312-MT3-000 -24-
43NUT, SPRING (6MM)90320-MM5-000 -6-
44WASHER (6X20)90512-KF9-900 -8-
45CLIP, SPLASH SHIELD90657-SB0-003 -2-
46CLIP, FITTING90666-SD4-003 -2-
47CLIP, BODY COVER90683-GR1-003 -2-
48SCREW, TAPPING (5X8)93903-250-80 -2-
49SCREW, TAP (5X12)93903-252-80 -2-
50NUT, FLANGE (6MM)94050-060-00 -3-
51BOLT, FLANGE (6X16)95701-060-1600 -8-

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