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ST1100 Parts Fiche - Water Pipe - ST1100AW

Applicable to ST1100AW model.

Parts fiche Water Pipe ST1100

No.DescriptionPart numberQuantityComments
1HOSE, L. THERMOSTAT19504-MT3-0001-
2HOSE B, WATER19505-MT3-0001-
3HOSE, R. THERMOSTAT19506-MT3-0001-
5COVER, WATER19514-MT3-0001-
6CLAMP, HOSE, 30-37MM19516-GAG-0031-
7CLAMP, HOSE, 22-29MM19517-ML7-6912-
8JOINT, WATER19523-MT3-0002-
9O-RING, 47.5X291311-KE8-0001-
10SEAL, WATER PIPE91315-MT3-0031-
11O-RING, 21.2X2.4 (ARAI)91331-PC9-0032-
12CLAMP, TUBE (D10)95002-410-00082-
13TUBE, 5.3X380 (95005-55001-20M)95005-553-80201-
14BOLT, FLANGE, 6X1495701-060-14001-
15BOLT, FLANGE, 6X2895701-060-28002-
16BOLT, FLANGE, 6X2296001-060-22002-
17BOLT, FLANGE, 6X4096001-060-40002-

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