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Pirelli was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1872. The company acquired Metzeler during the 1980's.

As is the case for Continental tyres, don't expect to find tyres for the ST1100 on the Pirelli website. The ST1100 is there, but "According to your choice, we weren't able to identify a product matching your needs. Please contact the nearest Pirelli dealer for further advice." This is then followed by the usual caveat not to fit any tyres which are not specified in the owners' manual.

Rear Tyre

Once again we're left with the only option of fitting a 160/60 ZR17. For sport touring, they offer the Angel ST, which they say provides good grip in the wet and dry without compromising longevity.

According to testing done on track, Pirelli calculate that the Angel ST should be good for approximately 7,500 miles. Not brilliant, I think you'll agree.

Front Tyre

A bit more choice here, although this may not help - as Pirelli say their tyres are designed to give neutral and smooth handling because of the combined front and rear profile. In other words, if you haven't fitted a (compromised size) Pirelli to the rear as well, don't expect the same handling.

Angel ST 110/80 ZR 18 Radial ply - offers good grip in the dry, and also wet/cold conditions. The innovative tread design changes as the tyre wears (sounds a bit gimmicky to me).

Diablo Strada 110/80 ZR 18 Radial ply - again the recommendation of a combined front and rear (which you can't because they're not available in a 160/70 R17). Offering consistency of performance throughout the life of the tyre, the tyre compound is designed for sporty performance and maximum safety on both wet and dry roads.

Lastly the Sport Demon 110/80 18 58H or V Cross Ply. A conventional sporty tyre reputed to have lighter and more precise handling. Again offering good wet and dry grip without compromising longevity.

Visitor comments

Angel GT's anyone?

by Len Warre
(Northamptonshire, UK)

Hi peeps, I'm going to trade my blackbird for a ST1300, shortly. What I need to know is:- what's the best tyres to use. I commute about 70 miles per day, and do a little two up riding as well. I'd like to know if anyone's using the angel GT's, and what you're opinion on them is. I've been using the GT's on my Blackbird for a few years now, and love the longevity, feel & confidence they give. I've also seen good reviews for the pilot road 4's. Any comments welcome. Regards Sircular.

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