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Lowered Seat

by: Kevin

I have a 1992 ST1100M.

Allow me to give you some background, I'm now 54 stand 5'5 1/2 " in socks and inside leg is 29", also weigh around 11 st ( still in english).

My riding history began when I was 16/17 on a honda 50, god bless them who didn't have one? Progressed thru the brilliant 400f1 ( 3 of these) a brand new 250 super dream then a new cx500 sport, a slight break due to a ban then a cb750f2 in white with the blue stripes, made the bike look like a police bike with it's krauser panniers and the fact that I always used to wear a white crash hat. The fun I used to have on that, then my affair with Kawasaki began,I have had nearly all of the Zed range including 650/750s 1000's 1100,s both shaft and chain driven, a 750 turbo a fully restored by me Z1100b1, the amazing 1300 then my favourite the gpz900r,so as for my next bike what to choose?

Well looking at my past it's obvious the king of bikes the z900, sorry but what a disappointing bike to ride.I may have got a bad one but, not for me so it got sold then the land rover bug bit. Now I'm back looking for another bike so which one?.Well after spending ages looking riding mates pocket rockets and getting chronic back ache the tourers start to look good. Not a BMW man car or bike so what, it's not till you start looking at what the service's use that you spot the st1100.

Well what's it got going for it, Honda's engineering and reliability, this is why the police use them and the paramedics around the capital and other major cities. Economy at major cruising speeds along with the all important comfort.Be honest who wants to make progress (as they say) get off at the other end feeling like you have just had a good kicking of the posterior,not me.

Right so its the pan then, well no the dam thing is to tall for a short arse like me so asking around people that ride them (friendly bunch) they even took me out on one just to confirm how good they are. One gent came up with a mate who has a cut down seat, Heaven does exist. Took ages to get me off it, so is a pan suitable for you? YES it is, now the hard bit finding one,they hold the price very well and are looked after to nearly bordering on fanatic.

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St1100 height

by: Richard
Aug 25, 2013

I'm 5 feet nothing and been riding a 2002 ST1100 I bought in 06. First thing I did was put a Corbin seat on it, dropped the height down about 3 or 4 inches. Next I got a Progressive shock that dropped the rear down an inch. I then slid the triple clamps down 3/4 of an inch. I can just get my toes down on each side but like I told my wife with this bike when I get moving I don't have to put my feet down for about 300 miles. I've done an IBA 1000 mile and an IBA 1500 mile, I've had the bike in all 49 states and most of east Canada. I have put the bike on it's side when stopped mostly from not paying attention and putting my foot in a hole or just letting it get too far over and can't hold it up. I've done more damage to the bike moving it in and out of my garage. Most of the time it lays on the tip over wings but a couple of times it has gone over to the side bags.

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