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This company was founded in 1946 in the town of Heidenau, near Dresden, Germany. Motorcycle tyres were made under the brand name "Pneumant" from 1969 to 1994. Since 1994 the company specialised in the manufacture of motorcycle, kart, and specialty tyres. The company prides itself on not only manufacturing quality tyres, but also providing quality customer service. The tyres are widely used by BMW owners.

Rear Tyre

Once again, no tyre is exactly suited to the ST1100. The closest available for the rear is a 160/60 -17; again a slightly lower profile. The Heidenau K73 Tubeless Road Tyre is an all-season high performance tyre with an "H" speed rating (capable of speeds up to 130mph).

The tread profile is V-shaped, so is reputed to have exceptional capability in the wet, with the deep grooves allowing excellent water displacement. The tread blocks are closely-packed to offer minimum rolling resistance.

The side walls are exceptionally thick; if you mount your own tyres be prepared to struggle in order to get the beads correctly seated. This does however reduce the risk of punctures due to accidental damage.

Sturdy shoulder blocks give good cornering stability and lateral grip.

Front Tyre

For the front, there's no problem there. The Heidenau K36 is a 110/80S -18 Tubeless Road Tyre.

It has a centre groove with separators to ensure excellent water displacement with outstanding wet and dry performance. There is a dual centre rib which purportedly enhances stability and straight-line performance, and the special tread blocks create a wide contact patch.

The agressive tread design and advanced rubber compound reportedly enhances tyre life and reduces uneven tread wear, and the small sipes enable easy heat dissipation.

Visitor comments

Actually, stay away from Heidenau.

by Rob

I decided to try the K36 front, as I had found this was the cheapest tyre available in a 110/80 R18. I therefore ordered one from an online supplier.
Unfortunately, when it arrived, I noticed that next to the size indication on the sidewall, it stated proudly "Tube Type".
So it has been returned to the supplier - I'm getting a Metzeler Z6 Roadtec instead.

K73 on rear

by Liam
(Oxfordshire, UK)

Currently running the K73 on my Pan, was impressed when it turned up, seemed nice and solid and once fitted gripped the road like glue. It does appear to be near the end of its life though now after only 6000 miles, I may have a thousand left in it. I've also found it tends to slip a little in the roundabouts as of 500 miles ago or so (nothing major or uncontrollable but it's there).

Do you have any comments regarding Heidenau tyres?

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