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Cruise Control

No, this has nothing to do with keeping that actor in a good mood. A cruise control is one item which I have not yet fitted to the ST1100, primarily because my commuting days are now over.

When I was commuting, even though my journey was under an hour and a half, I did find that my right wrist got a bit cramped. Apart from alleviating this strain, a properly fitted cruise control can save fuel, and also help you to stick to the speed limit.

There are several possible solutions for this problem depending on how much money you want to spend. The simplest of these (although this is really more of a wrist rest) is the throttle rocker which simply attaches to your right-hand grip and provides a rest platform for your wrist.

Another solution is a throttle lock like the Atlas Throttle Lock which fits between the grip flange and the throttle housing. It has two buttons; one to engage the unit and another to disengage it. It operates through friction and pressure, but still allows you full throttle control if necessary.

Audiovox used to do a cruise control kit; the CCS100. Unfortunately the factory that manufactured them went out of business, so they are no longer in production and parts are no longer available. You may still be able to pick up one of these kits, but it's worth noting that it was actually designed for cars, not motorcycles, and if the installation is not done properly, it can be life-threatening. If you do find one, details on how to install it can be found on the web - an example installation on the FJR1300 being found here.

The system which caught my eye though is a kit from Even though it seems somewhat expensive...

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