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Audio System

by: Johansson
(Torslanda, Sweden)

Audio System   Audio System   Audio System   Audio System

My Audio System with wireless remote control and waterproof speakers.

I really enjoy riding my motorcycle and listening to music, preferably Creedence. The first music player was an mp 3 player who unfortunately did not load properly. I managed to get a music player that was designed for motorcycles with a wireless remote control and waterproof speakers. The effect is 2 x 75 W and Its perfect! I play music through the iPod.

I also sat there for extra lighting in the form of LED lighting to increase safety and of course to make the bike look better. I also sat there extra brake light that flashes when braking.

(Editor's note: There was originally a Youtube video showing the LED lighting included with this submission. Unfortunately it has since been deleted.)

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