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Advertising Guidelines

Do you wish to advertise on According to my Google Analytics statistics, in the past month this site had over 4000 unique visitors.

Does your company have something great to offer? Why not send me a note to tell me about your product or service? I am very selective about who advertises here, but am always delighted to partner with entrepreneurs and companies offering products and services that would benefit visitors.

I would be interested in advertisers that not only have something of value to offer, but would also benefit from advertising to a very targeted market. In other words, our relationship should be mutually beneficial.

According to internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 55-64, have no children, are graduate school educated and browse this site from home.

You will be getting access to targeted traffic, not a "paid link" purely for SEO results. A rel="nofollow" attribute will be added to your link in accordance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines (otherwise Google will penalize my site in its search engine results).

This "nofollow" tag just informs Google that pagerank should not be transferred, but rest assured that you will still receive the exposure and visitors you are expecting.

Advertising on is accepted on a case-by-case basis. reserves the right to decline any advertising that can be deemed as unsuitable to visitors. All advertising and placement are subject to availability and review. Once your advertisement has been approved and your payment received, your ad will then immediately be placed at the agreed-upon place.

If you agree with these terms, you may get in touch using the Contact me page.

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