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Adjustable Clutch Lever

by: Gerry

Don't know if you are aware of the remedy for 'clutch ache' - that bruised feeling you get when riding short distances and repeatedly gear changing.

I got so fed up of my hand aching that I was seriously going to sell the bike.

Thats when I made a few internet enquiries and found out that a replacement adjustable clutch lever from a VFR800 will fit the ST1100 perfectly and provide a much easier clutch movement. I know alot of bikers will already be aware of this but there are also a good few I've passed this on to who didn't know.

Visitor comments

Good tip

by: Anonymous
Aug 23, 2010

This seems an excellent idea for city riding.

The part number for the adjustable clutch lever

by: Rob
Nov 30, 2010

I've ascertained that the adjustable clutch lever for the VFR800 has the part number 53180-MZ1-792.

Adjustable clutch lever

by: Stefan
Sep 9, 2012

Thanks Guys for the advice re the adjustable clutch lever. I too had struggled in traffic, no longer now I know the remedy.
Great site by the way, bags of really useful info.

adjustable clutch lever

by: scottie 409
Aug 22, 2015

Or you could heat the stock lever with a torch and bend it inward to your liking as many people have done. The levers can be bent into a semi circle as done by racers.

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