Tyre swap from Z6s to Avon storm 2 results in front end wobble on ST1100

Hi I got a new storm ultra 2 on my 2002 none abs ST1100 two weeks ago and got a terrible head shake.

After returning to the garage they said it was probably due to the rear tyre Z6 was getting old and squaring off. Both tyres had done around 9,000 miles or so but I was hoping to get another 12 months from the rear as it looked ok and my bike had just passed the MOT when I had the front tyre replaced.

Anyway I really could not live with the head shake and got the garage to replace the rear tyre, unfortunately it did not solve the problem.

Anything over 30 mph if eased grip on the bars the head starts to shake especially when throttling off. I checked the internet and tried a few suggested fixes and mentioned the chances of a bad tyre to the garge who just laughed.

They rechecked the balance on the front tyre but made no difference. Unfortunately my old front tyre Z6 had been thrown. Anyway I called in again today as I am really not happy and things need to change with regards to the tyre.

My mechanic has contacted his supplier and other tyres have been replaced but Avon UK are being a bit vague on responsibility but the supplier is sending me a new tyre sometime in the next 7 days and the garage and supplier and Avon can sort out liabilty amongst themselves.

So for me hopefully all will be well. I did e-mail Avon uk but they were totally non-committal and just said return to the supplier and tell them about your problem but they would not comment.

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Apr 02, 2012
st1100 z6 front tyre swap to avon storm s2
by: gaskinsrus

Hi I had the same issue, all well with the z6 but terrible head shake with the storms. Tried two Avon tyre with same result. Had steering bearings and wheel balance double checked and recent MOT. That's why I swapped the tyre. Just had new steering head tapered bearings fitted and the forks serviced.. now my bike has no wobble at any speed. This was just a hope shot before changing the tyre back to a z6. All I can think of is the avonss are sensitive to head bearings etc. I was ready tovswap the bike as I believe z6 tyre are being phased out on a 110 rim size. Two techs said a wobble was ok and the head bearings were fine. At least the problem is now sorted. Hope this helps any other frustrated pan owners with a wobble, especially the none abs riders with the narrower front tyre. All the best

Mar 16, 2012
Re Tyre swap Z6 to Avon Storm 2
by: Ali Finlay

I had the same issue with the Storm 2, they are not good on the Pan, the Z6 is about the best I have tried. I have had BT023 and these were good as well. Dunlop Road Smart II will be available soon for the Pan, I am going to try them next.

Mar 16, 2012
st1100 avon storm tyres
by: steve c

be careful what tyres you put on your st1100. i have a st1300 pan and have heard similar stories about the same issues. stick to the tyres Honda reccomend for your bike, as the st 1100 and 1300 are heavy bikes and need tyres specialy made for them. supension set up can be quite critical as well refer to your hand book. or visit
hope you get it sorted as when properly set up the st is one of the best handling bikes you can get

Mar 15, 2012
Time to change?
by: Fred

I think Avon are losing customers by pretending there isn't an issue with the Storm 2 Ultra.

Perhaps you could find some Avon Azaro online somewhere - they had great longevity and didn't have any wobble issues reported.

From what I've read I would certainly think twice before fitting the Storm 2 Ultra.

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