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ST-1100 News, Issue #001 -- Used ST1100's for sale

October 15, 2010

ST-1100 News - October 2010

Welcome to the first edition of the ST-1100 News.
In this issue:
ST1100's For Sale
What else is new on

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. – Mark Twain


Well, I finally decided that, no matter what Samuel L. Clemens said, this was the day after tomorrow, and it was time to implement a newsletter.

With that decision made, the question was simple. What on earth should I write about? More to the point, what would you, as a subscriber, like to read? I mean it's not as though the ST1100 is a current model, with new variants being released every month by Honda, with results of the latest road tests. But I'm open to suggestions – and thanks to the Contact Me form on the website, I already have some ideas for the next issue!

When I first started in 2008, I'd already owned my Pan European for four years. During that time I had often searched for information online – how to do this, how do I install that – and came to the realisation that there was not a single site which told me what I needed to know. So I decided to fill this gap – by providing a single website containing all the pertinent information about the ST1100.

ST1100's For Sale

Each time I publish a new page on the site, I sit back with a feeling of satisfaction, thinking there's nothing more to add. I then invariably come across some more information that's missing. For example:

“I like your website, but where can I buy a st1100?” - Patrick from Devon

Good question. You can't just pop into your local Honda dealership and buy a new one (although they may have some used ST1100's!) So I've now added a section showing ST1100's for sale as well as a buyers' guide.

At the moment, I'm afraid the For Sale page only is geared to the UK market – I would love to show something similar for other countries – so if you know of another source for used ST1100's in your country please let me know.

(I initially considered Ebay auctions as a source but I thought a classified ad format would be more appropriate. However, I thought I'd investigate the auction format, so I contacted Ebay with a view to displaying related “ST1100 for sale” items.

They said no.

And not only no, but we're not going to tell you why not.

I guess that's what happens when a company gets too big.)

What else is new?

So, what else is new on the site? A Disclaimer page has been added. In the US, the FTC (that's the Federal Trade Commission) have introduced a ruling that websites that earn an income from affiliates must say so. The ruling is aimed more at the numerous GRQ (Get Rich Quick) sites out there.

Well, even though I'm not based in the US, (and is hosted in Canada!) I thought it was a good idea to be open about it anyway. You don't need to read the entire thing. The bottom line is, if you click on one of my product links and buy something, I earn a small commission, which contributes towards paying for the site.

(And of course if you really like the site, click on a link and buy something!)

October Tip:

When did you last open your clutch and brake fluid covers? If it's been a while, the cover screws are seizing! Check them now!

Keep the shiny side up.


In the next issue: Some Q&A regarding weave, wobble and shimmy (no it's not the latest rock group).

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