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ST-1100 News, Issue #008 -- FAQ

May 15, 2011

ST-1100 News - May 2011

Welcome to the May edition of the ST-1100 News.
In this issue:
Some FAQ's
An Announcement

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. - Bill Cosby

Some FAQ's

Since I first started the site and implemented a "Contact Me" page, I've received many questions. Some have been amusing, some have challenged my technical knowledge, and others have been – how can I put this - odd. So I decided to do a new section on the site and put up a selection of these questions and answers. You can find the new section here: ST1100 FAQ


Unfortunately this will be the last edition of ST1100 News for a while.

I'm going to be relocating from the UK to France in the very near future. Not only am I going to be busy with the relocation, but – horror of horrors – there's no Internet access where we're going.

(There's also no phone, no running water and no – shall we say – ablution facilities – but that's another story). The Internet access is obviously one of the first things I need to sort out, but knowing the bureaucracy in store I expect this could take a while, hence the pause in publication!

I also won't be receiving any emails from the Contact form; there is an Internet café in the next village but I won't be using it every day.

And another thing – as any new content submissions need to be approved first (for example the “Your Accessories” page or “Photo Gallery”), these won't be going live until I'm back on line, so your forbearance would be appreciated!

On a positive note, you can look forward to a future article on

  1. Re-registering a motorcycle in France
  2. Changing a left-hand-drive headlight cluster to a right-hand-drive one (yes unfortunately they are different on an ST1100!)

May Tip:

Brake lights: When riding, if you're about to slow down or intend to stop, use your brake light as an early indication of your intention (but don't forget to check your mirrors first). Lightly touch your brakes – especially if a car is following you.

If you're stopped at a traffic light, keep the bike in first gear with the clutch depressed – and don't forget to constantly check your mirrors for cars approaching from the rear – if you see one approaching, hold in your front brake lever to make sure your brake light is showing - until you're sure they've stopped. (Keeping an eye on your mirrors in this situation should also enable you to get out of the way quickly if you see the vehicle isn't going to stop – hence the reason for keeping the bike in gear!)

Keep the shiny side up.


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