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ST-1100 News, Issue #004 -- Highway Pegs

January 15, 2011

ST-1100 News - January 2011

Welcome to the January edition of the ST-1100 News.
In this issue:
Unfortunately not spare parts! But instead a short discussion on "highway pegs".

There is no manual that deals with the real business of motorcycle maintenance, the most important aspect of all. Caring about what you are doing is considered either unimportant or taken for granted. - Robert Pirsig; Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Happy New Year!

In the previous newsletter I said that this issue would contain details regarding ST1100 spare parts.

Unfortunately I completely under-estimated the amount of work involved, so the spare parts section of the website is not yet ready.

To give you some idea, did you know there are 29 model variants of the ST1100? And it was sold in 14 countries. Each model has an average of 69 parts diagrams. And each parts diagram has an average of 20 parts. So that's roughly 560,280 part numbers to be checked.

I hope to have it ready for the next issue of ST-1100 News though!

Also, some of you may have received a double helping of the previous newsletter - my apologies; I was changing my newsletter "technology supplier"!

I have had a few emails recently concerning "Highway pegs" and asking for recommendations, so I have added a page about these. The type shown on has had fairly good reviews - I haven't seen anything negative about it.

My only concern would be that the alteration in seating position could possibly cause some back pain. After all, the ST1100 is not a Valkyrie or a Harley! Also bear in mind if you're riding with your feet on these highway pegs and need to use the brakes in a hurry, it's going to take you precious time to take your right foot off the peg to find the brake pedal.

January Tip:

Remember to check that your brake pistons are not seized - especially the front.

Keep the shiny side up.


In the next issue: The long-awaited spare parts data!

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