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North Bangor, NY

Took the bike out for a ride on a gloomy day, but it stayed dry most of the day.

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Pitsford Reservoir, Northampton

Parked on the Reservoir causeway. 2002 ST1100 (Standard model) 93k miles on the clock. And of course, blue (with gold wheels) is the best colour package

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My St1100 PANEUROPEAN , with ABS ;CBS TCS , 2001 with 24.000 km on it. I love it.

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K73 on rear

Currently running the K73 on my Pan, was impressed when it turned up, seemed nice and solid and once fitted gripped the road like glue. It does appear

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Bridge stone Battlaxe BT-023

Stick to wet tarmac like toffee to a dog's teeth.

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