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K73 on rear

Currently running the K73 on my Pan, was impressed when it turned up, seemed nice and solid and once fitted gripped the road like glue. It does appear

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Bridge stone Battlaxe BT-023

Stick to wet tarmac like toffee to a dog's teeth.

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Angel GT's anyone?

Hi peeps, I'm going to trade my blackbird for a ST1300, shortly. What I need to know is:- what's the best tyres to use. I commute about 70 miles per day,

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Oponeo tyres

Had a couple of sets of Pirelli Angel GT's from Oponeo for my Honda Blackbird. Approx' 30 percent cheaper than high street prices. Usually delivered within

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I have run 2 k591's and have no complaints

I get good mileage out of the K591's compared to Battleaxe 3o's and mostly tour 2 up so not canyon carving. Now if I could find a longer lasting front

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