by JP Kalishek
(Alvarado, Texas, USA)

705 overheated from a flat

705 overheated from a flat

Do you have the Shinko brand on your side of the water? These are from the factory that used to make Yokohama MC tires.

I have gotten decent mileage from the Verge 011 in 170/60 and 120/70. The tires are usually the cheapest. They used to make a Cruiser type in 160/70 but it seems to have been discontinued.
I started a cost per mile assessment on tires recently and started with Shinko's Adventure tire in 150/70 (a tad larger in diameter than a street tire in 160/70 4000 rpm was about 78mph when new) and a rear in 120/80 for the front(tube type run tubeless).

I started this last fall. Over the winter, I ran the bias tires and I got 7686 miles from the rear, at a cost of $0.0117083008 per mile. So just a tad over a penny a mile.

The front was too big and rubbed, especially at high speed (Texas does have roads with 80 and 85 mph limits was there ... no, really) so I purchased a Kenda in a similar style (K761) for the front in the 110/80 size (it was a bit larger than stock making a correction of 98.8% on the miles) when I got a Shinko Radial version for the rear (supposed to last longer).

I started to have higher wear and possible heat issues on the tire (signs of possible blistering) but had a puncture on a very hot day, and the first plug spit out, so two flats on the same day. The second plug job held, but I had bad blistering, and on replacement saw internal damage (it was 110F/43C air temps, who knows how hot road temp was). I think the bike is a bit too heavy for the tire in these conditions. In cooler temps, I feel fine using the tires. Some of the Adventure riders on lighter bikes are getting good miles from these tires though. Wet weather grip was fine for me, and over all traction was fine. I could easily drag the pegs in corners with no drama in the dry.

The front in 120/80 is now a rear tire on my old XL250s and still going fine, albeit on a much lighter bike and less often use.

I ran a Michelin PR3 set in 150/70 and 110/80. Again the 150 is supposed to be slightly larger in rolling size than the 170/60 (yeah, they do not make the 160/70 either) and my RPM at 75 actual speed (via GPS) was near the normal 4000rpm.
I just finished a long trip with most of the riding in West Virginia (lots of turns) and I look to be getting not a lot better mileage from the PR3 than I did the first 705. I think my next set (the front is wearing as fast as the rear btw) will be a set of Shinko Verge in 170/60 and 120/70.

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