Not as good in the heat, possible quality issues

by JP Kalishek
(Alvarado, Texas, USA)

I have used the Storm II twice, They came on my first ST when I purchased it (1991 bought with 38,000 miles on it).

When the first set needed a redo (the front was older than the rear so a set was needed) I went with them again. I took my first long trip on them and on my return I was in a heat wave (Live in Texas, went to Michigan) and the life was far shorter in the heat (over 90F/32C). Also, several of the folks at ST-Owners have had issues with failures of the tires at speed. One failure caused a woman to ride out a locked rear wheel from 70mph until it finally tossed her down the median. All the failures I have heard of were in the summer and at higher temps.

I liked the handling while I had them, but if they had no failure issues, would still use something else during the summer.

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