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by Alan
(Peterborough, South Australia)

I don't know what tyres were on the bike when I got it but when they needed replacing I put a set of Dunlop D205s then a Sportmax on. I went Bridgestone BT-21s after that for two sets. No problems with the front tyre, mileage about 12000kms compared to Dunlops 20000(D205)plus for the front wheel.

The rear tyre was a different matter as I had a puncture which I guess happens but at 3000kms which with a bike out in Australia means a new tyre. And 10000kms later needed a new tyre again.

Not exactly great mileage for a bike in touring mode. In the tyres' favour was my location having lots of straight roads and few corners between towns meaning centre tread wear mostly. The only cornering was to and from work in the town and roundabouts on main roads.

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Sep 08, 2013
Still Running Bridgestone BT 23
by: Alan

I'm on my third set of Bridgestone BT 23s in three years. Before that there was a set or two of Metzeler Z6's which gave comparable mileage to the earlier BT 21's I've had before.

My last set of 23's gave 13,500 kms on Front and 9870 kms on the rear. Both these tyre had balancing beads as my tyre fitter can't balance bike tyres and this pair were both 1500 kms better than the previous unbalanced pair.

However on my current set I installed the GT specification (heavy tourer) BT 23 tyre which have only done 1000kms F and 300 kms rear so to early to compare with the standard tyre.

The front tyre is the OEM 120/70 ZR18 tyre and the rear is a 170/60 ZR17 (OEM 1300) as there wasn't an 1100 rear available. Some chose the 160/60 tyre but the load index for the tyre is to low for the 1100 so the 1300 170/60 tyre is a much better option.

Another thing is that different tyres than OEM spec might upset the ABS computer's speed calibration and revert the system back to standard braking.

Dec 23, 2011
Thanks for the longevity report!
by: Rob

Thanks for the update, Alan.

Dec 22, 2011
Bridgestone BT-23 Rear
by: Alan

I have just put my second BT-023 tyre on the bike.

When I put the other tyre on I checked the odometer and I have just checked it after new tyre went on. 11872 kms. Not even close to the 30 percent claimed increase in mileage.

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