Neutral Comments (good and bad)

by Alan
(Peterborough, South Australia)

When I first need to replace the tyres I went to proper motorbike tyre dealer.
It was suggested that I try the Dunlop D205 as I used my bike for commuting and two up riding/touring this tyre should give good mileage.

For me, 18000kms rear and 20000 plus on the front. the best tyre I have ever had on this bike in over 5 Years. I went down to get another one for the rear wheel and longer available.

So went to the Sportmax tyre at 160/60 as there was no 160/70. In Australia at the time it was the only Dunlop option for an ST1100 so I thought ok should get similar wear to the D205.

How wrong I was.......10000kms rear tyre and 12000 for the front. A more expensive tyre and a lot less kms.

With Dunlop not having the correct tyre for the rear wheel I no longer go there.

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