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Although this French company was founded circa 1832, it only became known as Michelin in 1889.

They patented the detachable tyre in 1891 (for bicycles of course!) Prior to this date tyres were actually glued to the rim, which made fixing punctures a real bother.

Another patent was filed in 1946 - this time for the radial tyre (as opposed to the cross-ply). However a radial tyre for motorcycles was only developed in 1984. (As a matter of interest, the space shuttles had Michelin tyres).

Rear Tyre

Once again, however, the poor ST1100 is left out. Tyres are available for the ST1300, but the closest size for the ST1100 is the 160/60 ZR17. These are available in two models, the Pilot Road, and the Pilot Road 2.

Both of these are advertised as having 100% silica tread compound with the best wet grip and safety. A few reviews have stated that over 10,000 miles were achieved on the Pilot Road 2. Other reviews have stated that the Pilot Road tyres are not really suited for bikes above 600cc.

Recently the Pilot Road 3 was introduced as a successor to the PR2. No reviews of these tyres as yet!

Front Tyre

Pilot Activ 110/80 -18 TT/TL 58V. This has a larger contact patch (larger than what, they don't say) and with the newly-developed rubber compound, this tyre is reputed to have improved grip in both wet and dry conditions, even as the tyre wears. Tyre life is supposedly 20% longer than previous types.

Then there is the Pilot Road 2 110/80 ZR18 TL 58(W). Michelin say that independent tests have confirmed that the Pilot Road 2 offers better grip in the wet, and better longevity than any of its competitors, by using two distinct rubber compounds.

Again, the Pilot Road 3 has replaced the PR2, although not available in 110/80 size.

Any comments on Michelin tyres?

Have anything good (or bad) to say about Michelin tyres? (If you work for the Michelin marketing department please say so!)

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