Michelin Pilot Road 3 2CT

by Stefano

Hi, until now I used a lot of Bridgestone Tyres for my 1991 ST 1100 (owned 2000-2006) and for my 1990 ST 1100 (owned 2012-). I recently bought another ST 1100 with ABS (1995 model) and I was looking for tyres that could run for more km than the Bridgestone. For my car I only run Michelin and I'm very happy with them. I read that the new Michelin Pilot Road 3 is a great tyre for sport/touring heavy bikes.

I found the front tyre in the original dimension for the ST 1100: Michelin 110/80ZR18 (58W) Pilot Road 3 2CT.

But no way to find the rear tyre in the original dimension (160/70ZR17, circumference ~123.9 cm). Although this tyre exists in the 150/70ZR17 (circumference ~209.5 cm) and in the 160/60ZR17 (~203.8 cm) dimensions.

I saw in your pages, that you suggest to use the 160/60R17 when the 160/70R17 isn't available... why don't use the 150/70R17 ? The circumference is more similar to the original one...

I really want to try the Michelin Pilot Road 3 on my ST 1100... ;-)

Thank you for your kind answer.

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Oct 05, 2013
MY experiance with the PR3
by: JP Kalishek

I am nearing the end of the life of a set of PR3s in 150/70 and 110/80. The rear is wearing from corner to corner (no "chicken strips") and wet grip has been great. Now, after a long trip to West Virginia, the tires are starting to scallop and get a bit noisy. The front will need replacement with the rear (most other tires except Avons I get two rears to a front) and my cost per mile is still over a penny per mile, and looks to be a bit higher than I have gotten from other tires. Stability is still fine, and these seemed less affected by air pressure changes than other tires I have used (the Avons were bad weavers if less than max pressure).

I find it odd the two most expensive front tires I have used are also the lowest mile returns.

Jul 20, 2012
Error apology
by: Stefano

There is an error in the circumference of the tyres: the nominal circumference of the 160/70R17 is ~205.9 cm, of the 160/60R17 is ~195.9 cm (-4.86%) and of the 150/70R17 is ~201.5 cm (-2.14%).
Now, I don't know if the ABS calculator can accept this error or not. It's maybe better to test these tyres on my 1990 ST 1100... but in the moment I have 2 new Bridgestone BT023 tyres on it. In the meantime if the someone want to test the Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres and report the experience on this page it will be appreciated.
Best Regards, Stefano

Jul 20, 2012
by: Rob

You're quite right; it's best to get as close as possible to the original tyre size, so in this instance the 150/70ZR17 would be a better match.

The reason I mentioned the 160/60ZR17 was because the 150/70ZR17 was not offered as a choice when I originally wrote the article. I'm not saying it wasn't available then; but perhaps Michelin forgot to add it to their website.

Once you've ridden on the Pilot Road 3's for a while perhaps you'd like to report back on how they're doing!

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