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Another German company founded in 1863, Metzeler started making tyres in 1892. In 1978 the company decided to concentrate solely on making motorcycle tyres.

In the 1980's the company was acquired by the Pirelli Group.

Rear Tyre

At time of writing there are three models which would fit the ST1100 rear; the ME 880 MARATHON, the LASERTEC, and the ROADTEC Z6 INTERACT. The Roadtec is the only radial tyre amongst these three.

The Roadtec is supposed to give excellent grip due to its increased silica/carbon ratio; but the few reviews I've seen have all said mileage is not great, averaging around 5,600 miles. One reviewer had experienced a vibration which was traced to a faulty front tyre.

The Marathons seem to have mixed reviews, some riders saying the grip in the wet is very poor; others praise the longevity - having done 17,000 miles on their set. Still others have rated them as poor, saying they have worn out after only 7,000 miles. Surely different riding styles can't have that much effect?

As for the Lasertec, again mixed reviews. Some have said their Lasertecs had worn out after only 2,000 miles; others have squeezed over 11,000 miles out of theirs. Could there possibly have been a quality control issue at Metzeler recently?

Front Tyre

For the front, there is the ROADTEC Z6 Sport-Touring radial tyre, which was designed to have good grip in both the wet and the dry, and supposedly good longevity.

The other choice is the LASERTEC 110/80-18 58H. Similar to the Roadtec, the high silica compound was developed for outstanding grip in both dry and wet conditions. Advertised as having higher comfort and improved handling, with the tread pattern ensuring regular wear, longevity and effective water dispersal.

Any comments on Metzeler tyres?

Have anything good (or bad) to say about Metzeler tyres? (If you work for the Metzeler marketing department please say so!)

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Metzler 110/80-18 58H M/C Lasertec is definitively not a good front tyre for the ST1100 Pan European! 
Hi folks, I recently buy my third ST1100 (a 1995 model with ABS/TCS) with Metzler tyres on it. The front tyre was a Metzler 110/80-18 58H M/C Lasertec …

So Far So Good Not rated yet
I've had three sets of the Roadtec Z6 without any problems that I can attribute to the tyre exactly. On one rear tyre I did have a blow out. But it is …

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