Low Mileage - cr*p.....

by Damon
(St Neots, UK)

My experience of Bridgestone: so far I've managed to get 6,131 and 7,333 miles out of my front BT-021s - and the 7k miles was very worn.

For the rear I've managed to get 11,037 - and that was showing canvas. The previous tyre had to be binned after 5k due to a puncture.

Given that I'm riding 20k miles a year commuting - 110 miles per day round trip its getting quite expensive! Of the daily trip 49 miles is on the A1 motorway and the other 7 miles is low speed through London traffic so I can't see where the wear is coming in. I'm also getting more wear on the front than the rear - is this due to braking?

I shall be trying something different next time - I don't do any high speed, fancy stuff so longevity is the main factor for me. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!!



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Dec 14, 2010
Shall be changing...
by: Damon

Hi Rob,

I shall definitly be trying some Avons in the future. Will also do a bit of research reference the suspension,



Dec 03, 2010
Try a different make
by: Rob

Hi Damon

As you'll have read from previous comments about the Bridgestones, the mileage you've done on that rear isn't too bad (for a Bridgestone!).

As for the fronts wearing out before the rear, I have seen it suggested that one possible cause is that the front suspension may not be set up correctly for your riding style (I think this is unlikely though). My gut feel is that because the front and rears are made of a different compound, the compound used in your front tyre is not suited to your commuting route. On my ST1100 I've found that motorway riding always wore out the rear tyre more quickly than the front. I doubt it's anything to do with braking.

The only suggestion I can make is to try a different brand. Perhaps if enough riders ditch Bridgestone, they'll be forced to re-think their longevity issues.

See if you can get some Avon Storms. Perhaps you could then let us know how they're doing!

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