Fitted to Honda NTV650

by Alan
(Slough )

I now have a ST1100 - replacing a 110,000 mile old trusty Honda NTV650. I am looking for advice/recommendations from other riders.

I used Bridgestone Battleaxe tyres on the NTV650 with reasonable life span and good grip, wet or dry. I used to use Dunlop and Avon frequently in the 70s/80s on various bikes with normal (for those days) performance.

I decided to buy a pair of Avons for the NTV650.

These were correctly and professionally fitted and balanced. I rode to work for a couple of days to scuff them in a little before using the bike "normally". I could not believe how inferior the grip was compared to the Bridgestone tyres.

On a familiar road in damp conditions I ended up completely sideways on a roundabout that I had ridden dozens of times - often faster - without any mishap. The small slips and slides I felt after fitting them insired no confidence at all and I was never at ease with these tyres on that bike.

Maybe they didnt "work" for that model - I know some machines only perform decently with certain tyres; a BMW boxer I had was great on OE Metzelers but horror stories put me off trying others.

But I digress.

I see that the Avon tyres get good reports for the ST1100 on here. Can any riders confirm this - or should I try BT23 Bridgestone to replace the BT21 that are currently on the bike?

Ride safe. Alan

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Feb 17, 2011
thanks Ian
by: Alan

Hello Ian- I think you may have mis-read my comment. My st1100 has bt21 tyres on it and I have only ridden it with them. The avons I had problems with were replacments on the ntv650. My Pan - up to yesterday - hasn't given any heart stopping moments, had 1st rear end step out yesterday cornering on white lines in damp on M4 sliproad at about 60mph. Guess Ive got 12-1500 miles left in them to make up my mind about replacments. Thank you for the comments though. I will take it on board. Quite a saving in cost too I believe.
P.S. With ref to tyre temperature etc, I had ridden approx 28-30 miles at over the limit speeds on the Fosse Way and this was the first roundabout I took at "normal" speed. Should have been warm enough and had done 300 plus miles since fitting -wasn't wet enough that I would normally adapt riding style - could have been petrol - didn't see any tell tale diesel spills. Take care. Alan

Jan 29, 2011
Avon Storm
by: Ian McF

I have Avon Storm fitted F&R to my faithful Pan and they're great. I originally wanted Bridgestone because (ironically!) that's what I had fitted to my NTV.

I think I can appreciate your concerns about the feeling of lack of grip, but this may be the weight and handling characterstics of the mighty Pan.
Learn to trust her and acquire the new feel for handling, she's a lot more sure footed than people think, the scuff lines on my tyres are testimoney to this!

Could the state of the roads and the low temperatures be a factor too?

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