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Dunlop actually invented the pneumatic tyre - way back in 1888, so they should certainly have some expertise by now.

I fitted Dunlop tyres to the Yamaha when the Bridgestones wore out. Unfortunately though I can't find a record of which particular model of tyre I used. In the three years I owned the bike I rode 54,374 miles and went through two rear tyres which lasted 19,884 and 21,989 miles respectively; and two front tyres with similar figures.

Rear Tyre

For the ST1100, two models are currently available; the K591, and the Roadsmart Sportmax.

The K591 is actually a Belted tyre, not a radial, and is co-branded with the Harley Davidson name and logo on the sidewall. As to be expected, it's the approved Harley Davidson sport tyre.

The Roadsmart Sportmax actually has a lower profile than the standard 160/70, being a 160/60ZR17. As regards longevity, a recent review showed it can be expected to last over 10,000 miles, which actually isn't all that brilliant.

Front Tyre

Firstly, the Roadsmart Sportmax D 220 F ST. Reportedly developed to be the best sport touring tyre available (aren't they all???). Unmatched all-round performance, and the best grip on wet roads, it also supposedly has high longevity.

Then there is the Arrowmax GT501FJ 110/80-18 58V. A bias-ply tyre. Again touted to have excellent comfort, and high-speed performance. The unique tread pattern removes water rapidly for good grip in the wet. Longevity is improved by the deep tread depth, and the tyre profile creates a larger contact patch.

Finally the Arrowmax D103F. Reports have said that the tyre life isn't great. One reviewer reported that the tyre only lasted 5,000 km. Others have said it's not the tyre you want to use if the conditions are wet.

Any comments on Dunlop tyres?

Have anything good (or bad) to say about Dunlop tyres? (If you work for the Dunlop marketing department please say so!)

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