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Established in 1904, Avon is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Having sustained an irreparable puncture on the rear Bridgestone, I decided to replace the tyres on the ST1100 with Avons. I was pleasantly surprised when the dealer told me about their "Road Hazard Warranty", which provides a free replacement tyre in the event of a puncture or irreparable damage being sustained within the first millimetre of tread wear.

Here's a summary of mileage travelled:

Rear Tyre: (160/70 R17)

Odometer Tyre fitted: How long did it last?
8050 Bridgestone BT020 3,000 miles
11050 Irreparable puncture. Replaced with Avon Azaro AV46 24,898 miles
35948 Avon Azaro AV46 18,375 miles (punctured & replaced)
54323 Avon Azaro AV46 (punctured & plugged)
64435 18,521 miles
72844 Avon Storm ST (punctured & plugged)
77000 12,565 miles - punctured.
77000 Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Ongoing

Front Tyre: (110/80 R18)

Odometer Tyre fitted: How long did it last?
8050 Bridgestone BT020 12,945 miles
20995 Avon Azaro AV45 17,890 miles (punctured & replaced)
38885 Avon Azaro AV45 24,198 miles
63083 Avon Storm ST 13,917 miles (cut in sidewall, replaced)
77000 Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Ongoing

I really liked the Avons. Apart from the longevity, they provided excellent grip and braking ability in both the wet and dry. I can testify to their wet-handling ability through the following incident:

On the way home from work one evening, I became aware of a Porsche Cayenne tailgating me. I was in the left lane and the right lane was free, so there was plenty of room for him to get past. The speed limit on this particular stretch of road was 40mph, and that was the speed I was doing.

After a mile or so of this, I was debating on whether to speed up and lose him, or change into the right-hand lane. At this point the road approached an overpass. The road itself was straight, but sloping from right to left. There were normally puddles of water in the right lane, as the inadequate road drainage couldn't cope. And as it had been raining fairly heavily, sheets of water were flowing down the hill and gathering in a pool at the bottom.

Right at the start of the overpass, the Porsche decided to overtake. He pulled alongside and got ahead, then suddenly slowed. At this point I was concentrating more on what he was doing than the road ahead, and before I had time to question why he had slowed down, I discovered that the puddles were no longer just in the right-hand lane but extending across the entire road, well over a foot deep.

The "bow wave" from the front wheel was spectacular. In almost slow motion, the water arced gracefully away on both sides, reaching an estimated height of over 6 feet. I was paying more attention to the right-hand side, as the fountain was covering the bonnet and windscreen of the rapidly-slowing Porsche.

Possibly due to the narrow width of the motorcycle tyre, no aquaplaning occurred. The length of the puddle was also fortunately not too great; by the time I'd considered slowing down, I was through it. And although I was wearing waterproof boots, my feet did get wet.

I'll admit I was fortunate that I hit the puddle straight and upright, and did not change speed or direction whilst doing so. I certainly wouldn't want to do it again. The nice thing was when I checked my mirrors at the top of the overpass the Porsche had dropped back some considerable distance.

This incident was probably the cause of the electrical problem that I experienced shortly afterwards.

The Storm-2 Ultra has now replaced the Storm-ST. The footprint changes size and shape depending on the bike's lean angle. This means you get high grip through the corners, yet in a straight line have a footprint which increases the Storm-2 Ultra's lifespan.

Unfortunately there have been several poor reviews of the Storm-2 Ultra regarding handling - see below. I have now replaced the Avon Storm-STs with Metzeler Roadtec Z6.

Any comments on Avon tyres?

Have anything good (or bad) to say about Avon tyres? (If you work for the Avon marketing department please say so!)

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