Avon tyres have good grip and handling, but...

by Ali Finlay
(Scottish Borders, UK)

I have fitted a pair of Avon Storm Ultras and found the grip is exceptional and inspires confidence.

The only drawback is that I now have a low to medium speed head shake which only appeared the minute I started to ride with them fitted. The other down side is the road noise from the front end has increased considerably, so much so that I now have to wear ear plugs.

The bike was fitted with Metzeler Lazer tec with no head shake, so it can only be the tyres.

Disappointed about the noise and head shake issues, but good other than that.

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Oct 04, 2010
I'm impressed...
by: Rob

As mentioned in a previous comment, I contacted Avon to ask why the Avon Storm Ultra was resulting in headshake issues. I received the following reply from the Motorcycle Technical Product Manager for Avon:
"The change from Storm ST to Storm 2 Ultra incorporated a lot of technical changes mainly to the rear tyre, this included newer multi-compound treads, carcass and belts. The front tyres changed less in regards to construction (which would affect head shake). I would guess that it may be a tyre uniformity issue rather than the change to Storm 2. Some bikes (the ST1100 in particular) are sensitive to front tyres. We have recently reduced the pass limit for tyres leaving the factory which should resolve any issues."
So, if you experience any headshake, take it back to the dealer and ask for a replacement. If they refuse, you can always quote the Sale of Goods Act. See Sale of Goods Act for details.

Oct 03, 2010
My Avon Storm experience
by: Ian McF

I'm also on Avon Storms (matched pair)
I've had all manner of problems this year but not from the tyres although they were the first suspect!

The tyres are excellent with a lot of grip, on the curves and wet roads.

I haven't noticed any change in road noise. I do 12-15,000 miles per year, mostly motorway and dual carriageway.
I have a high screen fitted and wear a Caberg (non lifting chin) helmet fitted with in helmet speakers for my Autocom. For journeys in excess of 30 minutes I wear soft foam earplugs.

I've had a lot of front wobble, so chronologically over several months:

Steering Head Bearings replaced with tapered roller bearings - the old ones turned out to be atrocious! Big improvement but not perfect. Cost = £40 parts plus £100 labour
Both tyres electronically balanced (National tyres, excellent service for £10 all in), improved but not perfect.
Steering Head bearings found to be loose, retightened by mechanic - free, much better but not for long.
Steering Head bearings loose again, mechanic too busy to fit me in when I wanted them done so I did it myself. A pain in the bollox to get right, but all is now well.

I've also experimented with load distribution etc and found main factor that makes any difference is presence of (Honda original) Topbox, particularly in winds. I rarely ride with this fitted now.

Oct 02, 2010
If something's good, why change it?
by: Rob

It's not the first time I've heard of this. Others have now also reported a headshake issue. Why oh why do companies insist on changing things in the name of progress?

The Storm ST was a great tyre; I never experienced any headshake, and the longevity is great. I think a letter to Avon is required...

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