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I have run 2 k591's and have no complaints

I get good mileage out of the K591's compared to Battleaxe 3o's and mostly tour 2 up so not canyon carving. Now if I could find a longer lasting front

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Fitted 023's (not GT's) Spring 2014.

Tyres were fitted in April 2014 and the price at that time was comparable with other makes. Tyres fitted to ST1100W, UK bike. Both front and rear were

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Dash shelf and pan interstate guages

I found a better option to fit volt meter to my pan.....

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My ST1100 after rebuilt

My Pan after complet rebuilt to naked version. Body was made of full carbon. Top layer is from 12K carbon, it means in every little square there is 12000

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Dynabeads active tyre balancing

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